Prevail Pull-Up Daily Underwear


Prevail Per-Fit underwear offers complete leak protection with QUICK WICK technology, breathable zones, and a comfortable, stretchable fit. It’s hypoallergenic and contains Skin Smart fabric for optimal skin wellness.

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Prevail Per-Fit White Absorbent Underwear is a standout choice for incontinence care, offering reliable leakage protection and superior comfort. Here’s a concise look at its key features:

  1. QUICK WICK Technology: Swiftly absorbs moisture to keep the skin dry and irritation-free.
  2. Pull-Up Style: User-friendly design for easy wear and removal.
  3. Breathable Zones: Promote air circulation, preventing moisture buildup.
  4. Soft Cloth-Like Fabric: Gentle and soothing against the skin.
  5. Comfort-Shape Technology: Adapts to your body for a secure, customized fit.
  6. Latex-Free and Hypoallergenic: Suitable for those with latex allergies.
  7. Skin Smart Fabric: Enriched with aloe, chamomile, and vitamin E for skin wellness.

Prevail Per-Fit Underwear combines functionality and comfort, making it a dependable choice for all-day confidence and protection.


20 Count Medium, 22 Count Youth


Medium, Small


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